Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Curt's Visit Part 2.

Well Readers,
Curtis and I had a wonderful time just hanging out at the Casablanca, on Tuesday night I made one of Curt's favorites, all we had was left over fried chicken and a family sized can of Cream of chicken soup... So I got out some flower and oil and made biscuit dough and we had chicken and dumplings.
It was goooooood!  I had planned to have company on Wednesday, and since I knew they were coming I baked a cake... Devils food!
The next morning we started getting ready for this little get together in honor of Curt,  he mowed...
I strategically placed flamingos around the Drive-In...
We even got all the lawn chairs rounded up.
It was so hot! So we deiced to take a drink and swim break...
Then we headed down to what the we at the Casablanca like to call "The beach" its an 8ft piece of a long forgotten dock  on the north side of the lake. We go there because the waters good and deep, the bottom is flat and we wont bother anyone if we get to loud! But when Curtis and I came around the bend this is what we saw...
Its beyond fixable... the waves were so high when I was taking this picture! I was actually dumb enough to climb out on the dock, not because I want to kill myself, but because one of the planks has about 3 years worth of name carvings  on it! This place used to mean you were "In" on the Casablanca scene, that's IF you made it down to the beach (not exactly handicap accessible) and carved your name on the plank! SO  WE WERE NOT about to let that plank just float away!
 After our beach excursion, Curtis and I returned to the house to wait for guests to arrive...(Nothing tastes finer than Coca-Cola in family heirloom cherry glasses) We waited and waited then finally friend Kayla showed up with news that the others were not going to be able to make it. But as one of you wise readers told me "It only takes 2 to have a party, the rest is just icing on the cake"  and we had ourselfs a party!
We went to my parents place the water was perfect for swimming!
(Curtis on the water slide)
After we'd had our fill of swimming, we came back to the house and cooked a hamburger dinner. We spent the rest of the day light chatting away, talking about last years visit what everyone was planning to do this fall, and just stuff in general.  As we waited for the sky to get dark enough to debut a film Curtis had acted in on the Drive In, Kayla  played us some tunes on the paino!

What a time we were having and it was finally dark enough to show the movie on the Drive-In!
It was a great movie! Curt not only acted in it but he was also Director of Photography.  When the movie ended Curt, Kayla and I stayed up until 3 in the morning just talking and debating away on various topics and then Kayla had to go.  Thus ending the evening and the last night of Curtis' stay at the Casablanca.  But even in the wee hours of the night he and I started planning for next year! Next summers project? ..." Casablanca - The Musical" and I'm not talking about the 1943 movie! ; )

All in all a pretty great week, I know Curt enjoyed himself and I did too!



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

You always have sooo much fun! =D

Colleen said...

I wanna come visit so bad!! I got my first work on my new job today so now i just need 600 more bucks! lol. Also I'm learning piano this year. I miss texas so much! Today it rained and was cold and then it was hot and humid and i just hate every second of it here!

Amber Von Felts said...

Sounds like a beautiful time :-) That piano of yours is gettin' a workout too!

Jabacue said...

Sounds like a great time had by all! You can sure keep yourselves amused.

Eartha Kitsch said...

That sounds like the perfect time! (well except for the dock...that's so sad!) And chicken and dumplings AND german chocolate cake? I do believe that you are channeling my late grandmother. Keep up the good work!