Friday, October 24, 2014

The Floor & Trim, We're Almost There!

(Ta-da! Dear Readers!)
Last week I was not only getting ready for the annual Costume Ball, but was in a mad and top secret dash to get some work done on the bathroom!
(Sunday Oct 12.)
After shopping around, I finally got all of the tile bought from Lowes, Friend Kyle came Monday and Tuesday to install, grout, and seal the tile on the floor.
 (Tuesday Oct 14.)
 (Fresh grout haze still on the tile.)
I was THRILLED that Kyle could do it before the party, all the other tile quotes I received said it would be after Christmas before it could be done. Kyle did a fantastic job, and said it would be fine to mop and walk on by Thursday afternoon.  Just by pure luck on Wednesday afternoon I had to go to Habitat for Humanity (the "Re"store) for the theatre, there found all of the base boards and wall trim (which would have been $80.00 at Lowes) for $12.58 FOR ALL OF IT!!! I was so happy!
(Thursday Oct 16, Jere painting base boards)
By Thursday afternoon I was gunning to get as much done for a bigger surprise at the party on Saturday! Jeremiah painted the trim out in the gravel pit, while I was measuring and cutting things to fall into place.
 (Thursday night, Oct 16.)
In just a few hours we had all of the border trim cut, painted, and installed. I finally getting to enjoy my color choices! I was worried about the burgundy being to dark, but with the two tone grey its just right. I would also like to say, I love paint! The 1x4"'s around the double window are reclaimed wood, I took them and pulled the nails out and sanded them down. Thursday night I caulked and smoothed the edges and bumps, and taped around the window so I could paint the trim first thing after work on Friday afternoon. 
(Saturday Oct 18.)
Friday night I painted the 1x4"'s around the window and they looked so good! But the windows were actually painted brown... and it bugged me. But the thing with these old double hung windows is, if you slop them with paint they'll just seal shut. So I taped and gingerly painted two very thing coats of white on the frames. I am glad I did because it really made everything look sharp!

Now all that is left to do in this room is, the quarter round trim around the ceiling, and frame both the doors with 1x4"s, and paint them white. Then the trim work will ALL be done and we can start moving in and installing the fixtures!

A big thank you to Kyle and Jeremiah for making this happen!

Now to decide what color the claw-foot bathtub will be... Hmmm, Burgundy, Black, White, or Turquoise?

What do you all think?



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Mick, it looks FANTASTIC!!! I think I'd do the tub a dark gray, like Behr Dark Cavern (790F-7). One of their chips shows it paired with maroon. The deep shade would give you a nice contrast to the walls without taking attention away from the floor and the trim. Of course, you have a great eye, so whatever you decide will be great.

Amber Von Felts said...

My gosh its wonderful! It looks brand new but super vintage. Great job on the floor and wainscoting. I seriously heart it!