Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Tuesday, while at the lake cleaning I discovered a long forgotten surprise Dear Readers!
The mirror above was a "cabin warming" gift that my Grandmother gave me quite a while ago. Grandma used to write on everything (I guess to know who and and where things came from.) I have also picked up, and have been practicing this habit with things concerning the Casablanca for a while now.
(Not just a few words, but an entire essay...apparently.)
It reads as follows-
 Jordan Family Heirloom,
Given  to Mickey by his Grandmother LaDell on his 15th Birthday.
Originally from the Grand Lake O.K. home of Great Grandparents Claude and Helen.
^The mirror was "100yrs old" when presented to Mickey June 22, 2005.
Has hung in the kitchen of the Casablanca since that date.

I vaguely remember writing that so many years ago.
I'm pretty sure I put "100yrs old" in quotations because I doubted it was really that old, everything that was REALLY old to Grandma was "100yrs old". But after a Google search, and its Mission style, that is not out of the realm of possibility! haha What I've always loved about this mirror, even with it's foggy and aged reflecting glass, is to think of all of the relatives who have peered into it over the last century.

To fix their hair, to adjust their hat or straighten a tie, even to smile at ones self...

That's just neat to me.



Keith Pond said...

Delightful. Delovely! A treasure for a place full of treasure.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

That's such a wonderful gift from your grandmother! I like the idea of all your relatives looking into the mirror too.