Monday, September 15, 2014

Corny Collins Record Hop! The Hairspray Cast Party 1962

(As Sophia Petrillo would say- Picture it, September 13th 1962...)
(Heeeeeeey there teenage Diversion!)
Well Readers, we have successfully wrapped up our latest production of "Hairspray" the musical! But before the cast waved a wistful bye-bye to 1962, The Corny Collins Council Members and all of the coolest Cats in Baltimore met at the Casablanca V.F.W. to 'ado-do' some dancing!

Our fabulous decorating committee had made sure the hall was clean and festively decorated for the Soc Hop...
(The Corny Collins Desk was in our production! A Mick Jordan set piece!)
(My Boss gave us the show poster from the theatre for added decor!)
(Heck, we even had a cake!)
(The REAL show-stopper, Director Lara's 1963 Chevy Impala!)
(I about DIED when she and Corny Collins, Lara's husband Spencer rolled up in this!)
The Cast brought pot luck dishes and we filled the Coke box (That also appeared in the show) with Ice and beverages! Once everyone had a arrived, we took a group photo and dug in.
(Council Members-Brad Luke, Amber Raeanne,
Caitlyn, & Brenda Mary-Grace!)
Before the records started spinning EVERYBODY had to go get a picture with Corny Collin's sweet ride!
(Shelly Stephanie, and Emily want to "See the U-S-A in a Chevrolet!")
(Margaret, Emily, Penny Patricia, and Jennifer!)
(Council Members, and long time "steadys" Shelly.2 Stephanie and IQ Jones Me!)
(Cindy & Vicki LIVE on the Corny Collins Record Hop!)
(The legend himself, Mr. Corny Collins, friend Spencer!)
Well with platters tunes, and food on the table the dance was ready to being! We kicked things off with the hottest new dance in  born right here in Baltimore...

After the dancing had begun we Pony'd, Cha-Cha'd, and Twisted the night away!
(Council Memebers Jaylin, Ike, Seigen, Jaydah,Chan, Eric, Colby, & Emily!)
As we rocked around the clock, we soon found it was time for the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest!

Go Girls Go!

With baited breath, and batted hair, we had a winner!

(Our very own Jadah who played 'Lil Aunez' in the show was our Queen of the Hop!)
Miss Teenage Hairspray 1962, led the court in dance! What a voice!

("Nicest Kids In Town!")

Well we Twisted till our sides hurt, and soc hopped until we'd hopped out of our socks! It was a great way to end the run of the show!

I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who helped set up the hall, Jennifer, Patricia, Hannah, and Seigen. Thank you to every one who brought food or drink to the party! Spencer and lara for the awesome ride, Margaret for leading the travel convoy, Keclie for the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest, Lynn for all of the great novelty photo's, Jennifer and Jordan on the "eats" committee, the Wichita Theatre for letting the Casablanca host the cast party, and everyone that came!

Tune in next time!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Your videos never cease to amaze me. You're all so talented! It's great that you all enjoy each other's company so much and have so many great parties.

Jim said...

1962! I was in grade 8 and had the best 'school year' of my life.....lots of dancing and just great fun!
Mick, you guys nailed it yet again! Where do you all come from? A parallel universe? lol
LOVED that 63 Chevy Impala that looked like a 2-door! They were the best, my dad had one.
Thanks for the memories you guys!!
And great cast party!

ThrifterSisters said...

OMG...that cake! So freaking cute!

You guys definitely did that movie justice. I am super tempted to go buy it today and make Maddie watch it with me. She'll love it!


Nita Stacy said...

You are always having so much fun! Loved seeing this party. Loved watching that last video and getting to see a glimpse of what the production was like..Very talented bunch of people you have there.