Monday, September 22, 2014

"All The Leaves Are Brown..."

"And the sky is grey" dear Readers, it's been quite a weekend! Patricia, Cora and I were busy all day Sunday rearranging and putting out our fall decorations at the Casablanca!
("It's like Autumn threw up in here. I love it!"- Patricia)
I have to say Readers, it was a tiny bit hard to get all this stuff out. My Grandmother Jordan loved to decorate for the seasons. In fact quite a few of the leaf garlands were hers. I miss her so much, but its almost like shes here with these decorations.
Halloween is Patricia's favorite holiday, (mine is Thanksmass!) So she did most of the decorating! Can you believe it takes four people to decorate the Casablanca for Halloween?! Patricia and I move furniture and set out most of the decorations, friend Emily comes in and cobwebs EVERYTHING, and finally friend Hannah will come in and hang paper lanterns and a few other surprises!
Sorry for the sun washed photo's, I thought the lighting was better at the time! Phase one is almost done, and the house already looks so festive! I have a few more things to add before Emily does her thing!
(It wouldn't be a changing of seasons without a changing of Pyrex!)
I was so excited to finally be able to dig out all of my orange pieces, here's my "franken-fridgie" set for Fall! I'll show you the rest of the Pyrex as we get closer to our Costume Ball in October!
AND as an added bonus to this weekends rearranging, I found the perfect spot for the Lamp I picked up last week! It fits right behind the Predicta Tv set and the HiFi just like I thought it would. It looks great in the living room. The flying saucer shape of the shade compliments the hanging Sputnik chandelier nicely! Very, very "Space Age"!

Well, that's it for this Monday edition of "What's Up Casablanca?!"

Hope you all are getting into an Autumn mood too!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The Casablanca looks so fall-ish and festive! You and Patricia did a good job. I love how the new lamp looks in that spot. It makes me smile when think back to my visit to the Casablanca and can picture exactly where it is. It also makes me happy that the temperature isn't getting into the 90s this week. Yay fall!

ThrifterSisters said...

I'm still getting my house back in order after helping Alex leave for college last week. Getting out my Fall & Halloween decorations is my reward for cleaning it this week!

Everything is looking awesome at the Casablanca!


Vonlipi said...

It all looks wonderful!

I 'm glad you had help in decorating the place.