Monday, August 25, 2014

The Trip of a Life Time! Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

(Universal Studios Cabana Bay Beach Resort!)
As some of you may know, a few weeks ago Patricia and I, along with friends Cindy, Seigen, Margaret and Jordan went on a week long trip to fabulous Orlando Florida! The main focus of the excursion was to stay at the brand new, 1950's themed hotel, and Readers let me tell you it did NOT disappoint! This post will be mostly about the hotel itself, the night that we arrived!

After two days of driving from Texas we finally made it to Orlando around 9:00p.m. on Monday night. a slight drizzle covered Orlando, but as we turned into the driveway of the resort the rain didnt matter, it was beautiful.

All lit up and Chuck Berry pouring out of the lobby speakers it was a welcome sight to walk into after a full days drive. Once we stepped through the doors, we stepped back in time.
(Floridians LOVE their terrazzo tile floors!)
The check in went swiftly, and we got to pick our room. So we went big, booked a room on the 4th floor of the "Castaway" wing, with an outside walkway/balcony. It didn't face into the court yard, but it was great!
It was absolutely better than anything I could have imagined! We carried our bags across the court yard and went up to the room. I had been concerned that the rooms would not be as good as they had looked in online pictures. However it was just exactly what they had promised.
(Stock photo, but it really did look just like this!)
Back in March we booked a family sweet, so there was room enough to sleep six. I'm sure the maid was surprised when she cleaned our room. We had all kinds of props with us! Cameras, radios, bowling trophy's, clothes... all of which looked like they'd been furnished in the room.

After a full days drive, and each others company... we decided to split up for a few hours and explore the hotel on our own.

So away I went with my trusty camera to snap a few photos in this neon wonderland!
(The main neon sign of the hotel.)
(The food court/restaurant.)
(Even the salt packets have star bursts on them!)
(A sputnik or three in every hallway.)
The clocks, chairs, and everything else was to die for!
(Even the signs had vintage font.)
Past the Starbucks and up the grand staircase was the Bowling alley!
(The stair railings were a super cool combo of metal and glass.)
The gym was also upstairs, and it too keeps with the 1950's theme... We didn't use it though!
Two swimming pools, a lazy river, AND when you jump in the water they even have 50's music playing in the pool!  Let me say, I fell in love with this place! It was constructed the way old hotels of the 1940's and 50's were, with lots of public space and ample seating in the lobby and public areas. It really feels like a hotel from the 1950's. The gift shop is good sized, but it is dwarfed by the massive two story lobby and botanical terrarium.  Which again I love, because the focus is to relax. Not to shop and buy. (Haha, you'll do plenty of that at the theme parks!)
Having explored all I could at night, and having a cocktail or two. I returned to the room with the rest of the group and we went to bed to get a good nights sleep. Tuesday morning Seigen, Jordan and I would be heading to Disney World, while Patricia, Cindy, and Margaret were off to Universal Studios!

Tune in wednesday to see our visit to Disney World, Universal Studios Adventure Island, and the straight out of a movie evening and Dinner we experienced!

I wish you all could have been there!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a great place! I bet you had a ball. And how could you not be happy with a color scheme like that?

ThrifterSisters said...

One of my Instagram friends just had her bachelorette party there! It looks amazing. Oh how I wish it had been built when we went to Disneyworld 3 years ago! Now I have another reason to go back :-)

Keep the posts comin', Mick!