Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summers End 1960

We're baaaaaack! Have you missed us Readers?! I have all sorts of stories and tales to tell in the coming weeks. But let us begin with Summer's End 1960, set the tables and break out the paper lanterns!
(Katie, Josh, Katherine, Kate, Jacqueline, Johnathan, and Mary-Grace!)
It's is once again that semi-sweet time of year where we wave a wistful bye bye to summer days and start to prepare for the Fall social season at the Casablanca. So friends and members gathered last Sunday afternoon for the annual "Summers End Dinner", a pot luck, with 35 guest in attendance!
(Russ, Rachel, and Deanna!)
(Jeremiah, Austin (home from Canyon), and Seigen!)
(Kitty, Tres, Craig, Rachel, and Baby Caleb!)
(Cindy, Kelcie, Terrace, Jacob, Margaret, Patricia, and Jennifer!)
(That World Renowned Theatrical Producer- Lynn!)
It was hot! My goodness 102, but we braved the heat to eat out in the yard and got some nice pictures as a result! It was a fantastic, friend Shara entertained us with piano tunes all afternoon. And there was a guitar solo or two from friend Tres!

A wonderful afternoon with  nice way to see the summer of 1960 off!

Wish you were here!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, "hot time in the old town tonight" takes on a whole new meaning in Texas, doesn't it? Joe put up a really powerful mister fan on our patio that helps.

ThrifterSisters said...

You guys have the best time, don't you? I would totally brave the heat too. Summer doesn't last forever!


Vintage Christine said...

When you look fabulous, the heat doesn't matter, you just glow. What a fun time! Now bring on the Orlando photos!!!