Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mail Call, Coast to Coast!

I do believe we've gotten more mail this summer than ever before! Thanks to all of our wonderful Casablanca members who take time to send us a "card" on their travels. Let's see whats been in the mail this month...
Friend Emily C. sent us a fabulous vintage postcard from Seattle WA! Emily was there as a delegate for national Gamma Phi Delta sorority convention!

*  *  *

Miss Kelcie sent us Salutations from Kilgore! Somewhere I lost the message side picture, but it is a quaint card none the less!

*  *  *

Friend Kat sends us greetings from New York City! She went to see performer Idina Menzel in her one woman show, and also got to see the new Broadway show "Matilda", how exciting!

(The bowl where the postcards go, on the coffee table.)
Thank you for writing, ladies! I simply love it when friends send cards to the Casablanca, and all the interesting things they write. Postcards are a dying art form, so I'm pleased that a small portion of the North Texas theater community is keeping the tradition alive!

Drop us a line, anytime!



Jim said...

Gotta love getting postcards! Keep that tradition alive Mick.

Vintage Christine said...

Hmmm. I have a bunch of vintage postcards that are sitting around somewhere. Maybe it's time to send a few to someone . . . Hope all's well with you, Mick--I'm trying hard to keep my blog going but there is so much going on with me right now. All good, all good!