Monday, July 28, 2014

"For The Season"

I have seen suitcases used as side tables, I have seen a set of suitcases that stacked and made a dresser, but I been done seen b'out everything when I see suitcases used as suitcases!
I love my Grandmother's set of white marble Samsonite luggage. I always have, from the train case to the hatbox! So much so that A few years ago I started collecting/building my own set of Samsonite luggage in the blue marble with white trim. I inherited my Grandmothers luggage, and its very dear to me because she let me use it in shows. (Maria VonTrapp honeymooned with Captain VonTrapp with Grandma's hatbox in tow!)
From time to time (mostly Fall and Winter) the Casablanca, being a "country house" has mice problems. I mean, we aren't overrun but an occasional mouse will check in for a stay. This year, instead of storing the sheets in rubbermaid buckets under the beds as we always have. I thought why not in Samsonite?!  This was also brought on from a book I'm reading set in a hotel in the early 1950's one of the characters remarks about how much luggage the guests carry and that so many suitcases indicates they intend to "stay the season" I love that phrase!
There were enough suitcases to store all the sheets and blankets, I used my Grandma's train case to store pillow cases in, and my train case for the Lost and Found. As an added bonus, the blankets will smells like Grandma (which is a good thing!).  I don't think the scent of her perfume "Evening In Paris" will ever air out of her luggage...and that's just fine with me.
Now vs a pile of blankets at the foot of the bed it looks like we've come to "stay the season"! I hope to find one more blue piece of luggage. The hatboxes of both the white, and (someday) blue set will be used to keep pictures and memorabilia in.

With things out from under the beds, and no place to hide, maybe the mice will winter in Capri or Monte' this year.

Haha one can only hope!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love that luggage. My Mom had it in green and I so wish I had it all...esp that hat box!

ThrifterSisters said...

I see that luggage from time to time. Have you seen the turquoise set? GORGEOUS!!

I love that you have your grandma's set. It makes it so much more special, doesn't it?


Jim said...

This old luggage is priceless, Mick! And what good use you are making of it. The mice will be in for a big surprise for this 'season's stay'!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Great luggage! I got a set of Samsonite for high school graduation. :)