Monday, December 31, 2012

A Few Of Our Favorite Things!

Sort of a "year-end review" today here on "Mick's" dear Readers, I asked some our friends what "There  favorite thing about the Casablanca is..." and here's what some of our friends had to say!

Savannah G.- "The ever-present inner need to sing as you walk in."

Alex S.- "I love that it's like home. The friendship and love that is shared through out the year is even more than any family I know."

Cheryl J.-  "You have an atmosphere of fun without all of the garbage of most parties. Clean good fun!"

Michael M.- " My favorite thing is when you step through the door you walk into the past. As you know I am a fan of the 40's and 50's and I feel like I'm there when I'm at the Casablanca. You have a such a good eye for detail right down to the dishes. Thanks for letting myself and others step back in time with you. :)"

Margaret D.-  "People are free to be themselves, who ever that may be, without fear of judgement or being put down. (Well except Andrew. We all make fun of him ;) ) I also love that you are not afraid to tell someone they aren't invited back so guests know they best behave."

Kelcie B.-  "Its our own slice of American paradise! Love it, feels like home."

Tobi M.- "You Mickey!!!!!!!! Your the main reason most of us go up there in the first place. :)"

Russ M.-  "I agree with Tobi. Your love for a simpler time is inspiring. The Casablanca is a magical place where you feel unconditional love and friendship. And Of course this wonderful recipe is not complete without Patricia."

Jordan C.- "It feels like a different time, especially since there isn't cell phone service. You really go back in time."

Matt P.- "The people who come to visit."

Chris P. (Vintage Christine)- "Some of MY favorite things: The looooong drive out there, the dirt road, Lake Diversion, the beautiful sunset, all the funky camps, the cow pies all over the place, the Pyrex, the addition, the drive-in, the ingenious tv, all your wonderful friends, and the fabulous Host With The Most. Least favorite: the loooong drive home in the pitch blackness. Thank God I had a guide or I'd STILL be wandering around out there!"

Amber V.F. (I Heart Everything)- "I think its you Mick, the curator and visionary of the Casablanca!"

Michael B. (Cul-de-sack Shack)- "I like that I feel like I have stepped into my grandma's house
the grandma that lived on the farm."

Jarrod A.- "My favorite thing about the Casablanca is the memories created there. They've brought me to great friendships and fun time from traveling back to the 50's and trekking to far away parts of the country. The friendships I have found here are ones that I shall never forget and shall never regret. There shall always be a place in my heart for the Casablanca."

Jennifer V.- "Friends."

Donnetta S.- "The Flamingo Drive-In Movie Theater!"

Terrace A.- "My favorite thing is the atmosphere. It always feels like I stepped into another time."

Deanna Y.- "The Beauty Contest, because it's fun!"

Cindy J.- "Good old fashioned clean fun."

Christy E.- "My favorite thing is your TV set."

Mary W.- "The fact that everyone can put aside their differences and problems and be a family for a little bit, my cellphone doesn't work out there and for the first time I am completely ok with not talking to anyone else but my Casablanca familia!"

Sheldon C.- "Way to many things to mention my friend hmmm, good food! Fun times with friends, no distractions from the outside world."

Patricia B.- "My favorite thing? Hmmm... You. And the stove, and to a lesser extent the refrigerator."

Mick J.- "The people, the pictures, the memories we make- I'm also terribly fond of the tile on the counter tops."

Wishing you all the Happiest of New Years! May good fortune smile upon you this year.



Vonlipi said...

Dear Mick,

I love seeing the pictures of your Casablanca parties and I hope to make it down sometime!

Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

Have a great un-stressful and un-complicated New Year!

May you have great successes, love and health.

Your pal from the Great White North,

Miss V :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

My favorite thing about visiting the Casablanca was what a thoughtful host and hostess you and Patricia were. The welcome sign was so sweet...and the drive-in is awesome.

Zootsuitmama said...

My favorite thing is the loving care you take to create a step back to the era I love best! Can't wait to visit someday!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Wishing you a thoroughly magnificent 2013, dear Mick!!!

♥ Jessica

Jim said...

'I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel so bad.'
A great philosophy Mick! All the best that a New Year has to offer to you and all your 'favourite things'!!
Good to see you dropping by, thanks!!