Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Knockers!

Well, Knobs really Readers, door knobs.


While my self inflicted misery Construction goes on and I am out of my element, there are still plenty of projects I can master myself.I might be clueless on how things are built, but painting and paint effect are my strong point!
(Before...well mid-project)
As you can see when I painted this door blue (and the opposite side red) at age 14, it obviously never crossed my mind to tape off the back plate to the door knob. Sunday as it was to windy to put tin on the roof, I spur of the moment decided to get some cosmetic painting done. I freshned up some white paint on the door frame, and then tackled making the door hardware look a little nicer.
(Ta-da! After.)
Nick over at Decades a Go-Go will freak, because I didn't put the original screws back on the door plate.  They were far to rusty and flat head screws, while period are a pain in the rear! I wanted a chippy aged look on the back plate so I used a wire brush to knock off a few layers of the prior paint, then used a non tarnishing gold spray paint to imitate a brass finish. In a few months regular ware on the door knobs will make them look as authentic as they were before the first person painted them.

I'm running in circles trying to get things ready for the Winter portion of the Social Season at the Casablanca, and for the special company that will soon be coming (wink wink Christine and Michael). I want everything to be perfect down to the littlest detail!



Rebecca said...

Haha. That is one of my favorite movie lines. Even my son knows it. Doctah.

Trina44 said...

Very nice work!!!

Vonlipi said...

Nice! I can't wait to see your progress...

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The Casablanca is going to be so gorgeous by the time you get all the finishing touches done. I'm loving it! I'm still laughing about "What knockers!"

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

And, boy, do I feel old. Young Frankenstein came out 4 years after I finished college. Good Lord! I'm ancient. :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

That title will have me grinning all day :) Seriously though, great job with repainting. I think too few people stop and remember that door hardware can be painted, sanded, etc to your heart's content in the course of their decorating. No need to be limited by what the shops sell, just bust out the ol' paint and have at 'er.

♥ Jessica