Monday, November 5, 2012

Pontipee Hall-

Well Readers, moving at a slightly slower and sore pace, here's what I have to report.
When I wrote you last, Hurricane Sandy had just left "Danny" all alone at the Drive-In Movie and was threatening to take  her anger out on the Eastern Seaboard... And did. 
So now friend/contractor Larry has been called away to Virginia to do insurance estimates for his job with less than three weeks until we NEED this extra square footage. The room will not be completely  finished by Thanksmass. Needless to say, emotions are high... Thankfully My Dad has stepped in and will be overseeing construction matters until Larry comes back. 
*  *  *
The new plan, is to get the room "in the dry" before December 1st. With any luck next weekend we will deck and tar paper the roof. and the exterior walls will be put up next. (Sounds simple, but there is SO MUCH little stuff entailed.)  We wont be cutting out windows or doors, Larry will finish all that once he comes back, when he comes back. But with the roof and walls on Dad will be able to cut the old dining room window out, and we will have the unfinished space to use for Thanksmass. Then I can move forward on getting the inside wired/insulated/walled/ and finished.

Michael & Christine fear not, no matter what Thanksmass 1958 is going to be wonderful!
I am so grateful for my Dad and Larry's help, along with all of the Casablanca friends I have coaxed into helping out. It means so much to me, and it'll take the rest of my days to pay all you guys back! Thank you.

The title of this post comes from Friend Joe, This weekend while he was helping me instal ceiling beams he finally came up with a fitting name for the new addition on the Casablanca. For months we've been batting around ideas, and inspiration came when Joe remarked how the current state of construction closely resembled the Pontipee House in our production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" That's when it dawned on both of us, the Seven Brides set turned out so great because it was all of our friends, using the best of their skills together to create what has been deemed "the best set in Wichita Theatre history."  So henceforth the addition/ dining room/ living room/ multipurpose room (among other names we have called it) Shall be know as "Pontipee Hall".

How fitting, how wonderfully, perfectly fitting.



Tracie Harris said...

Good luck! Hopefully you'll be able to get it done for Christmas 1960!

Jim said...

Oh the ENERGY of youth!!! Love it! You guys have been very busy since I last 'dropped in'! Pontipee Hall is the perfect name for sure.

Mick, thanks for stopping by today. It is always good to hear from you. Now where you find any time at all is beyond me! lol
Have a great week. Oh, I hear a 'mutual friend' from the blogisphere is attending Thanksmas?! Can't wait for THAT post!!

Van said...

Good luck with everything! Your making amazing progress thus far.