Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pyrex At It's Finest- Stress Relief!

Well Readers, do any of you have rituals you do to make you feel better? Last week was a cavalcade of crap-tastic for me and by Friday at 5:00 I was crying Uncle! When I get stressed out I like to bake- BUT It has to be in my kitchen and on my own terms (Bob Crocker I am not!) It calms me down, its productive, and I think it has something to do with simple math and knowing there's a reward at the end.
(Friend Jarrod learning how to make Strawberry Bread)

Patricia, Jarrod, Logan and Myself loaded up after the show Friday night and went to the Casablanca. Early Saturday morning we had a visit from friend Larry (who is in charge of the dining room construction) to make out where the floor support beams will be placed. Just before he arrived we had been mixing up batters for bread. Jarrod making a strawberry variety and I was following recipe of Jim's (over at Ocean Breezes) for Banana bread.
(Banana on the left, strawberry on the right.)
(And.... Vi-la!)
After the breads were out of the oven I took another try at Wacky Tacky's peanut butter maple glaze cookies.
We all Loaded up and went into town to do the Saturday night show of  "Legally Blonde the Musical" then came right back out to the lake after the show. Sunday morning started off Logan and Patricia baked a red velvet marble cake.
(It was Marvelous... or Marble-ous I should say!)
Later in the afternoon we were joined for lunch by friend Cameron. I made a few pizzas and we spent the rest of the lazy Sunday watching movies and laughing away just what I (we) needed! Which I need to savor as next weekend will be fast and furious as we are digging holes for support beams early on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon the Casablanca will be proudly hosting The Second (1958) Miss Casablanca Contest!

Until then, My blood pressure is down and our stomachs are full!



Anonymous said...

I want to bake with you in your super cute kitchen!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

All that activity gives "batter up" a new meaning. I'm sure everything was extra delicious because of all the love and friendship that goes into it at the Casablanca.

Jill said...

I'm jealous of all your loaf pans - I have a yellow one, that's it - they're hard to find around these parts.

Red velvet marble cake sounds really good!!!!

Jessica LeAnne said...

I passed up a pink loaf pan today at a local antique you are making me want yo go back for it!!

wacky tacky said...

I'm glad that PB cookie recipe has gotten into your regular baking rotation! I just made some yesterday. But now I'm thinking strawberry bread sounds awful good!

Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha, I thought you were putting in a pool! But a dining room sounds much more practical considering all the people you have over. I don't bake because it just gets too hot in the kitchen in the summer, plus my stove, while cute and vintage and all, really doesn't cook very evenly. Those cookies look dee-lish and please have some available for Thanksmass. Thank you.

Jim said...

What the heck! You guys/gals can do it all! And at your age! Now THAT made me sound old....which I am! lol

Mick, hope the banana bread tasted OK! It all looked great especially the cookies! A recipe would be nice!

Good luck with the 'dining room' construction....all that work will be so worth it in the end.

Your kitchen looks like our kitchen.....m-m-m....must be the pyrex or somethin!!

Zootsuitmama said...

Mick! That bread looks fab! The fact that we all can look at each others kitchens and feel like we are in our own is cool, the pyrex is gorgeous! I think cooking - cleaning- and baking gives me instant gratification too! It really helps when I'm stressed or overwhelmed.