Monday, July 9, 2012


(Friends- Jenn, Brandon, Kelcie, Pat, Zack, Michael, & Bryson!)

( "We're breaking ground, here at Mick's!")
4th of July Wednesday with the help of my Dad and several friends we officially broke ground on the Casablanca Dinning room! We're either headed in the right direction or have made a mess of epic proportions!
(Kelice- Miss Casablanca 1957 breaks ground with a golden shovel!)
 After Kelcie posed for pictures and shoveled the first scoop of dirt, it was time for the real work.
One of Mom's church friends lent us his digger (THANK GOODNESS) and it made the work go a lot faster.  There was a tree to cut down and lots of leveling to do in order to get the ground ready for the support beams of the new floor.
We hauled and leveled, leveled and hauled....
Hauled away the small gravel patio... we threw rocks-
And moved rocks-
(Some rocks bigger than others!)
With all of us working together in just few hours we had made quite a change to the Casablanca's landscape.


(Bryson wielding the pickaxe. After-ish)
After a mornings work we were all hot and dirty so before lunch we jumped in the lake and went for a swim! Now that the ground is leveled, the next step will be digging the post holes for the support beams. With any luck construction will start in August!

I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to my Dad, Mom, church friend Bobby, Larry and Russ for helping get this project under way! I also owe a huge thanks to all those who came out to Michael, Kelcie. Bryson, Patricia, Zack, Brandon, Jennifer, Mable, Alex & Landon. You Guys and Gal's are fantastic friends and members to help us out, thanks everyone!

As soon as I get storage problems resolved on Picasa this will be the new "E.G.T.M." picture. I hope to up date the header picture as we go along, this is all so exciting!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Yaaaaaaaaay!!! The work has started. Before you know it, the new addition will be a reality. You guys did a huge amount of work for one morning. I'm impressed!

Kitty said...

Maaan this is so exciting!! Can't wait to see what you end up with.xx.

Mom Wald said...

One of the reasons your blog is so much fun is that you and your friends are DOING something instead of sitting around. All of you are simply fabulous!