Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mother Road

Well Readers,
Saturday after we said goodbye to Michael, Patricia and I started on the six hour drive home. We went through Joplin, and crossed over the state line and as we rolled merrily along the plains of Oklahoma I had a thought. For several trips now I've always wanted to get off the expressway at Afton Oklahoma and go see Laurel at the Famous Afton Station.
So off the freeway we went paid the $1.25 toll and got on to Route 66, as you might guess the day became instantly better!
(Patricia and a few of fabulous cars at the station!)
The bell over the door tinkled as we walked in, and we were met with a warm welcome. Laurel seemed surprised when I asked her name, and then I smiled and said "I'm Mick, from "Everyone Goes to Mick's!"  Well bust my buttons! we chatted for a minuet and then signed the doors leading into the show rooms.
(On the doors!)
Laurel and company urged us to have a look around the show rooms, and boy were we treated to some eye candy.
(The main show room of the Packard Palace.)
I quickly fell in love...
Wouldn't this 53' convertible look slick parked out front of the Casablanca?! Hey Laurel, how about a road trip to scenic Lake Diversion Texas, please?!
(Oh she was Slick!)
This 1950 "Bullet Point" Studebaker was quite a looker too! We moved into the next room where they keep the even older and more classic Packards.
After our look around we went back to the lobby and chatted some more, we even made Laurel's blog Thoughts of a Route 66 Business Owner and she was nice enough to give me Postcard to add to the growing collection at the Casablanca!
(She even signed it for me too!)
While we were exchanging good byes, Laurel being the mother road siren she is talked me and Patricia into staying on old 66 and driving "down the road" to Catoosa to see the Blue Whale. Sounds simple right? Well first we didn't realize that "down the road" meant about an hour and half drive and that 66 makes a sharp left turn in downtown Vinita Oklahoma haha! But we were off on an adventure and had a full talk of gas so onward we drove until we came upon it...
 I remember driving past this a long time ago as a small kid, but this time we actually got out of the car and got a closer look.
 We met Blaine David, the son of the people who thought up the tourist attraction that has become a Route 66 Legend. Like most on the Mother road he welcomed us warmly and regaled us with stories from its heyday.
Unfortunately these days all you can do at the while is fish, long gone are the summer days of children jumping from its tails and slides screaming with glee. Im not sure why people arent allowed to swim anymore, I didnt think to ask but none the less its a neat place to visit and was wort the drive!
Before we headed out we stopped in the tiny gift shack and I picked up another postcard, this one is a vintage one from old stock left over from the heydays.
(Doesn't it just look like the place to be?!)
Blaine signed the postcard for me too!
After a few more photo's we headed back on the road to home. Pat and I were both shocked at how close the Freeway really is to parts of 66 as we veered back on at Tulsa, and yet you'd never know that this world famous road was there.  Curiosity satisfied we were glad we took the road less traveled, it obvious had more to see and better postcards than what the Will Rodgers Freeway had to offer!

Patricia and I are both agreed someday we would like to make the entire Route 66 journey! Until then we'll treasure our day trip.



Vintage Christine said...

OMG! I saw your post on Facebook about the Blue Whale and love getting more info! Your whole trip just sounds fantastic. I'll be driving to northern California in September and I'm going to TRY to visit you, just have to figure out all the logistics, plus I'd love to do at least some of Route 66. Of course back in the 50's I'm sure my family drove it going from California to Wisconsin but all I remember about family trips was my dad yelling at us and mom getting stressed out. And the spankings. Lots of those.

ThrifterSisters said...

Looks like an awesome time! How lucky are you guys to live so close to something as historic as Route 66 :-)

Uncle Atom said...

Awesome post Mick! One of my life goals is to finish my 1964 Mercury Park Lane convertible and drive the length of the Mother Road. Thanks for introducing me to Laurel's blog, I'm subscribed now!!

Jessica LeAnne said...

Fun!! I want to see the whale! And those cars!! I cant wait to take a road trip this summer!

Laurel said...

Shame on you, Mick! Your glowing report about Afton Station is going to go straight to my head and I'll be impossible to live with for a few days. THANK YOU! I sure enjoyed meeting you and Patricia, and now I hope to see a movie some day at the Casablanca! I'm also glad you now have a growing interest in Route 66. Come back soon!

Mick said...

Come on down and see us in that '53 convertible! ;)