Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The 1950's Pool Party!

(Patricia & Terrace in their Ester Williams suits!)
You know us Theater People- life is just wild party's and swimming pools...
(The Zombie Prom cast in a totally 1950's pool!)
Our loverly co-hostess Friend Emily, The party was given by her Grandmother- "Grandma Roma." Saturday night after our preformance of "Zombie Prom" we all headed over to have a totally swank swim party!
(Heather and Emily!)
(Heather & Ben)
(...well it is the fifties...)
(Cody- mostly midair, doing a flip!)
The night air was warm, and the water felt great! after a few hours of fun we decided to go for food! But first thank you's were in order-

The it was off for food, where else but Whataburger! (Actually it was the only thing open!) it was great!
Just Another weekend of summer fun, shows and friends!


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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What fun! The girls look so cute in their 50s swimsuits. They should have a girls' day in Dallas and let our friend Shoshana of Dallas Pin-Up do photo shoots for them. Did you see her photo studio when you came to the store? It's two doors down from us.