Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Been a Busy Week!

Well Readers,
I suppose my goal of blogging three times a week is shot... But I do have lots to report!
This week March 20th The First day of  Spring My Grandmother Jordan "Miss Daisy" turned 90 years old!   To celebrate Dad took Grandma out for a Birthday Dinner and we tagged along!
(Patricia, Mable, Zack, Grandma & Dad)
As a surprise Dad sent her 90 red roses for her birthday! I presented her with a "china doll" plant, and sent her the pink gladiola arrangement in the back, Grandma loves flowers! I know I've said it numerous times here on the blog, but I love my Grandma dearly, we seem to understand one another and get into all kinds of trouble on our Wednesday beauty shop trips. Shes got a lot of spunk left in her and love every minuet of our time and treasures we share!
 (Michelle, Me & Patricia)
Speaking of Wednesday trips, this Wednesday Patricia and I headed out on a day trip to Denton/Decatur Texas for some thrifting and dinner with good friend Michelle! Michelle is busy getting things ready for her July wedding later this year, so Patricia and I hit up Denton for some goodies.
(Our Kills, finds!)
Lots of goodies! I found a Pink Pyrex 213 loaf pan, Patricia scored this 933 Orange long pan with a carrier for $11.00 (Our second piece of Orange "Halloween" Pyrex!) I also picked up a matching "Golden Foliage" Libbey glass that matches our set (I plan to keep swizzle sticks in it.) Lastly we found the sheet music for "On A Slow Boat to China" for $1.00 after our wallets were thrifted out we headed back to Decatur to meet up with Michelle for dinner at one of our favorite spots-
(Yesterdays Texas)
You can make ANY joke you want about this place being overly kitschy, but let me tell you- this place has some of the best food out there. 
 (Exhibit A)
Being a Texan, and a Texan who lives mostly in the "country" (were not exactly your Ponderosa Ranch) I can tell you all about Chicken Fried Steak. Now before you start your "Duke Boy's Yee-Hawing" I can honestly say that this is the BEST DAMN Chicken Fried Steak in North Texas! If you're ever passing through I highly recommend stopping in and treating yourself to this, or a burger or just about anything on their menu, even now as I type my mouth starts to water.

Mmmmmm Lunch and Dinner!



Natalie at Chadwell Chonicles said...

Oh my! Why have I never heard of or tried Yesterday's Texas?! I lived in Denton for 5 years and worked in Bridgeport for a summer. We live in Dallas now, so I think a small road trip is in order! Mmmm, thanks for sharing that looks delish!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Oh, wow...that chicken fried steak looks amazing! I've never heard of Yesterday's Texas, but you can bet I'll find a reason to go to Decatur soon...LOL

Your grandmother looks adorable, and I love all the flowers she got for her birthday. Your glads are beautiful, and your dad's 90 roses are out of this world!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Daisy! She's a lucky lady to have you in her life...and you are a lucky grandson. Wednesdays with Miss Daisy sounds like a great name for a book.

I'll take an order of that Chicken fried steak, please!

SusieQT said...

Your Grandma is adorable! And you're making me hungry for chicken-fried steak- I haven't had that in at least 10 years (I think it was at a Luby's, LOL).

Ramblinrose said...

Your grandma is a cutie! Where is Yesterday's Texas located? Denton? I am in the Bonham area and my husband and I love to take road trips looking or vintage pyrex! Will have to stop there someday!

Amber Von Felts said...

Happy Birthday Granny! I think that the time you two spend together is adorable! I wish I still had my grandparents! I was eyeing that jukebox in the background of your pic. I hope you played a song on it while you were there!