Monday, March 12, 2012

All Across The Rainy State Of Texas...

It seemed like we went Dear Readers!
Patricia and I set out bright and early with her Mother and Little sister in tow, Our destination was first The Bowie Flea market with connecting stops in Grapevine,"The Big D"  Dallas, and scenic Lake Diversion Tx!
The Flea Market proved fruitful for all of us! Pat got a skirt, I got a Pyrex 222 Lime Green 8x8 Brownie Pan for $10. There weren't many booths open due to the impending weather but there was more to see than last month.
 (Salt and Pepper Chess set, this will drive the "Pintrest" world wild)
(Skewers made of old golf clubs!)
(A swim suit on the cover of "Look" Magazine that Patricia wants to try and make)
(Crop Circles?! Its where the Shetland Pony rides usually are...)
Just about the time We got in the car with a flea market finds the rain started pouring (and continued to pour all day)
 We hit up two more antique stores in Bowie where Patricia scored a Pink Pyrex Daisy's divided 1.5 qt casserole and I scored a much needed Lime Green Pyrex 213 "Loaf pan" WHICH MEANS we only need one more (in pink) to finish the set! 
 (It's filling up nicely!)
 After our flea market fun we headed on to Grapevine TX where we dropped Patricia's mom and little sister off at the Mills Mall. The we were on our way to Dallas to visit fabulous Dana over at Mid2Mod and her Son-in-law Joe at his store.
(Dana, Myself & Patricia!)
Can I just say, one of the best treats about blogging and there are several  is finding people out there who have the same passions and interests as you. I love reading everyone's blogs and keeping up with who's who but the hands down BEST treat is when you get to meet a blogger friend in person!  The shop was AMAZING everything to be seen was eye candy, and the way everything was set up and lit it looked like it could have been a guest set on Mad Men. Needless to say Patricia and I were in Heaven! Dana welcomed us in and introduced us to everyone at the store and then we sat down and chatted away for a few hours about her blog, my blog other bloggers, landmarks, history furniture... It was so much fun! When Patricia and I had to head back for Grapevine we all shook hands and hugged and said our goodbyes of course leaving an open invitation for visit to the Casablanca! We headed out to a place called "Lulu B's" (and only later found out we never found it) just two blocks away from Joe's store. 
(This is not Lulu B's...)
We never found the restaurant but we found though was pretty good! This place had all kinds of stuff and I walked out with my very first piece of Orange 043 Pyrex what I'm deeming as the "Halloween" Pyrex"
(A score at $11, Thank you Patricia!)
Sunday we headed out to the Casablanca to do a little more Spring Break Prom prep work...
Hanging lights, re-screening the front porch door, making crepe paper flowers, weeding parts of the yard were all busy getting ready for the big Dance, its only five days away! We are all terribly excited for Friday Night!
See you soon!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love all your great finds...but loved even more getting to visit with you and Patricia. You haven't seen the last of us! :)

beetree said...

Hi, Mick! I jumped over from the Collective. Sounds like you all will be having a blast this weekend! Will love to see pictures of everyone dressed up- have fun!

Zootsuitmama said...

I'm jealous, plus your dance looks like a blast! I want to go to Dana's place!

ThrifterSisters said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! I also picked up the lime green #222 brownie pan while thrifting last week. Crazy coincidence!