Monday, August 8, 2011

Wheelin' & Dealin'

Picked up a few things at the Bowie Flea Market for the next show!  Got the yellow Pyrex loaf pan for $8, the aluminum bunt pan for $2, the black roaster pan was free, and the BEST deal of the day was the 2.5 quart blue snow flake dish I snagged for $18... at least I think that's a good price? if its not DON'T TELL ME! haha

*  *  *
Well, Hairspray is over... It's bitter sweet because we all waited a year and a half to be apart of it and it seemed to crawl getting here, then BAM just like that- shows over. No more late nights, no more tuning out choreographers, no more wonderful 1962.
 A Note from the Director...

"The best I can tell with the numbers that are in so far, here are just some of the records we broke with "Hairspray".

PLEASE NOTE: These audience figures do not include volunteers or friends/family slip-ins.

Biggest Opening Night (309 in attendance)
Biggest Paid Audience for a Single Performance (459 paid + comps) (rounded out at 600)
Biggest Total Audience (approximately 4500)
Highest Grossing Local Production in the history of Texoma. (Close to $55,000 the previous record being $51,000)

Bonus Record: Only show to get a standing ovation DURING the performance."

 (This plaque now hangs on the stage door, taking inspiration from the like worded plaque on the Studio City sound stage where "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was filmed.)

Pretty darn neat, if you ask me.



Rueby... said...

It's not a BAD deal ;) but Pyrex can be tricky. It really is far more dependent on how much you love it/how much YOU are willing to pay. I'm cheap and where I live, Pyrex is not plentiful...but I'm patient and usually find things I want. I have a black snowflake casserole & I think I paid $5? I also have a rectangular blue snowflake dish with lid that I got for free. The most I've ever paid is around $25 and that was for a divided dish with lid & cradle warmer. I also put together a primary bowl set for maybe $10 and usually they sell here for MIN $60.

You have good luck with hunting - I'd maybe put a limit on your Pyrex spending and just be patient with it...I'm sure they will come to you ;) Thrifts/garage sales are usually the best places.

Zootsuitmama said...

very cool mick!

Amber Von Felts said...

I am so proud of you and your theatrical accomplishments! Thank you for sharing the journey on all of your plays, but for me (as with your hometown audience) I think I have enjoys the Hair Spray posts the best! Must've been the time period and the amazing set dressing ;-)

Vintage Christine said...

I've been following your exploits on Facebook since it's easier to check FB on the iPhone when traveling and when I saw you were going to that flea market I was sooo jealous! And now I'm really jealous, ha ha. I agree with Rueby since what you pay is based on how much you want it. Of course if you want EVERYTHING you're in trouble! Wish you were closer--I'm having a 40% off sale on my Pyrex since 30% wasn't getting it. People are CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP here. It's so much fun to read about your theAHtrical adventures, dahling!

Missouri Michael said...

I thought you only collected solid color Pyrex! Anyway, I would say you paid market price for it. Not a steal, but it could have been more. Hopefully it is in close to mint condition! :) I have that same 2.5 quart snowflake in Charcoal. I gave a similar price for it. It was one of those pieces that I had to have! I am woeking on collecting the Charcoal snowflake set - I have 3 of the pieces now. Sounds like you had a fun day!

Kitty said...

I love the Pyrex snowflake, especially in charcoal, but I don't have any yet, it wasn't made here in Australia so it's pretty hard to find.