Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well This Is It 2010!

I know its early, but Things have been crazy at the flower shop.  Then right after Christmas I will be taking a short leave of absence on blogging until January... So here are a few Holiday favorites for you!
During "It's a Wonderful Life" my friend Eric (Who played George Bailey) found a song that pretty much describes the Casablanca's "neck of the woods" this time of year.

 (The song I believe is called "From the Family")
As most of you have read I strive to keep my place presentable, and the people who visit friendly and moral (for the most part). However I cannot help it that my patch of paradise just so happens to be located in Dog-patch U.S.A.  and this song pretty much hits the cultural nail on the head.

(Our 2010 Casablanca Christmas Card, from us to you!)

I'm not sure if I will get to post again before New Years, so lets cover that occasion too! Here we have the Cast of It's A Wonderful Life on closing night. For the very last show we brought out candles and sang after the curtain call.

 So just in case I dont appear back on the blog-o-sphere before 2011, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years, Happy Boxing Day,  what have you!

And again, thank you So much for Stopping by Mick's I've loved sharing this last year with you and reading about all of your adventures and finds! Just for fun, tell me out of all my posts what your favorite one(s) have been this year!

Here's to 2011



Jabacue said...

All the best to you and your family too Mick!
Let me see....what did I like the best? This is difficult because I find all your post interesting. But I must say that the prep for your parties and lead up to them are always fun to watch. It's been great watching you and your friends plan things and just have a good time with eachother. You are quite the 'role-model'!

Ben Reinhardt said...

I'll probably end up posting on your facebook wall, but happy holidays/new year. I wish you all the best. Here's to something new.

Amber Von Felts said...

Holy Cow, you gotta come back next year! What would we do if we didn't know what was goin' on at ye ole Casablanca?

I did get your Christmas card in the mail. Thanks Mick, and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Amber Von Felts said...

Oh shoot, I forgot to say that my favorite posts are the ones during the summer...about the Drive In and your lawn furniture and the Parties!

Vintage Christine said...

Well, I know the WORST post was the one where you blabbed on and on and on about the major party at the 'blanca THAT I MISSED! But of course it was the best post, too! Thanks for the Xmas card, sweetie--and I'm looking forward to reading about all your theatrical and non-thee-aaaa-ter exploits in 2011. YOU think YOU live in Dogpatch? Ha! Come visit me sometime in southern Mississippi and you'll go home feeling all cosmopolitan and sophisticated and sh*t.

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks for the lovely Christmas Card! and Happy New Year! Zootsuitmama

Midcenturymadam said...

I enjoy every last one of your posts mister. You make me smile! I love that you have so many dear friends that attend your awesome parties. It's such fun watching it all from the west coast. I love the theater posts also. Love them all...what can I say? Merry Christmas to you friend. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Cute xmas card!