Monday, December 6, 2010

Im In Charge of Sets, PERIOD!

Period sets that is!
Last Sunday Patricia and I closed the Casablanca up for the year. As most of you have read I'm currently in a musical production of "Its A Wonderful Life".  One of the first things I offered to bring the director was my grandparents white radio from the kitchen at the Casablanca, you know the one in the corner?
Yes, that's the one! Well I offered it up to the Director with the scene where Mary  breaks the record after George storms out of her house in mind. The Director loves the radio and asks if I would like to help her "set dress" and of course I said yes. She shows me a pair of lamps that she wanted to put in the living room of Mary's mothers house. You could just tell they were from the late 70's, she asked me what I thought about them, that she was going for "Gawdy old widowed lady's home"  I explained "Those are from the later 1970's and it shows, since the show takes place in 1928-1946 that's not gonna work. If you're going to do a period show it needs to be period correct. So if its out dated gawdy in the 1920's you are wanting then you will have to go late Victorian."  That must of impressed her, because she replies "Okay, sounds like you know what your doing, your in charge of sets I'm giving you full reign." Hehehe dear readers,  
worlds have been turned on such statements...
Its not that our amazing director doesnt know about period stuff Its just with the 100,000,000 other things a director has to do she didn't have time to sweat the small stuff! She often tells me that the set dressing is her least favortie part about putting on a show,  which is great because now I get to sweat the small stuff for her, and love it!)
The Director had already picked out the main wall colors, yellow for a dining room set, a plum color for Mary's living room, and a blue for the George and Mary's house. When I started the walls and only bee just been painted their primary color.
 (Ma and Pa Bailey's dinning room)
(Mary's Mothers Living room)
(The Bailey Building & Loan Office)
(The infamous Bridge, after reconstruction)
I also have George and Mary's house on my list, but I didn't take a before picture.  Its been a crazy week, I'd like to introduce you to my partner in crime Sheldon.
His hair is shorter now, you might remember him as "Potsie" in Happy Days!  He and I have have become a fantasist team! ( The current joke at the theater is that "Mickey makes it look pretty, Sheldon brings it up to code!" )  I could not have done anything with the sets without him, I CAN paint, hang, coordinate, and decorate with the best of them... I CANNOT cut a straight line to save my life. So just in case one one else says it i'm saying it now
This week we have pulled several staying until 2:00A.M. nights up at the theater but thus far the results have been amazing!  I know you'll provably want to riot, BUT I will reveal all the before and after pictures later this week (I'm still putting finishing touches on the sets) I can tell you that you'll be seeing the following styles Victorian, Craftsman, and Early Post-War 1946 on the interior sets as well as a slew of antiques and treasures form my grandmas barn.  It will be worth the wait, this is my first big independent project since college and I'm having the time of my life running rampid though the mid 1930's! 


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1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I think I said it before, keep doing this and you will be here in Hollywood in no time!!

Midcenturymadam said...

What a fun opportunity for you Mick. Isn't it fantastic when something like this just falls in your lap? Your director must be thanking her lucky stars.

Jabacue said...

Right up your alley, Mick! What good experience and it will look great on your resume. Bring on those pics!!

Doug Eash said...

Love the and the wife watch it every year at this time...lamps from the 70's will not work for I.A.W.L.good thing you are there to keep it real.

Missouri Michael said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun and doing a good job of putting all of your creative talent to work!

allison fernberg said...

Ha! Love the revised version! (You didn't have to do that!) As Midcenturyman suggested...I am most definitely thanking my lucky stars!!