Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Casablanca Christmas Party!

One last hurrah in our Casablanca Social Season before we break until next Spring!  Friends motored out by the car load (I think we had 58 people in all!) for a fun Sunday evening of treats, carols, and world class entertainment. This is yuletide get together usually leaves standing room only, and this year was no different!

Friend Russ was kind enough to lend us his Bose sound system for the evenings entertainments. (Thank You!) And Thanks to Friend Teresa for all the pictures!
So without further adieu, we invite you to an intimate evening at the Casablanca...

(Mary-Grace with "I'll be home for Christmas.)
Isn't she just wonderful?! What a voice! Next up we had a special duo presentation just before the White Elephant gift exchange.
(Lynn aka Jean Shepherd and Emily.)
Then it was time for the gift exchange, let the games begin!
(Jennifer, Spencer, Lara, & Claire)
(Emily, and the "onesie" everyone tried to steal!)
("And out of nowhere, this DEER jumps in the road!")
After all the fun in unwrapping presents, stealing, and swapping, Friend Jennifer played us an all together fitting song on her ukelele!
(Plucky as always, thanks for the tune!)
 (Friend Jennifer also gave us this cool vintage Christmas Card holder!)
Next up is my most favorite part of the evening! Every year Friend Joy helms our piano to lead us in singing Christmas Carols. She is always happy to do it, and we all think she is just wonderful!
(Joy & James at the piano!)
(Hark the Herald Angel Sing.)
(We Three Kings.)
(Jingle Bells!)

Caroling is hands down my favorite part of the Christmas season at the Casablanca, I look forward to it all year round. So many people in the house, music ringing from the rafters, it just fills you with a loving feeling!
After we had sang the carol book through, it was time to start departing another Casablanca Year come and gone by. New friends, old friends, and some friends we wont see again, all left that evening with a little Christmas spirit.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Looks like another epic night! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day.

Vonlipi said...

Your parties always blow me away! Happy Holidays to all The Casablanca gang!