Monday, November 24, 2014


I hope the picture above comes out as pretty as it was on Saturday night. It was QUITE the weekend for weather out at the Casablanca. Much needed pouring rain, two inches worth!
I had the BEJESUS scared out of me just after I arrived. The rain had been pouring down for about an hour and it took twice as long to drive out to the lake, there was water over the roads in several places.  I had just unlocked the front door and put groceries on the table, when I turned to step back out on to the porch and KABOOM!
I honestly thought the house had been struck by lightning. All of the pictures shook off of the kitchen wall, (I had rehung most of them before thinking to get a picture) and the dishes were rattling in the cabinets. It scared the HELL out of me! For about 30 minuets after that each time a hard bolt of lighting struck it made the dishes rattle just a little bit, but the storm was moving North and I felt safe.

Around 3:00P.M. Friend Jeremiah drove out to visit for a while, and about five minuets after, the power went out. The lake is fed electricity from a Co-op up in Altus OK, about once a year storms in Oklahoma knock the power out for about six hours. The ONLY draw back to having an "all electric" cabin is when this happens. Can't cook, can't heat the house, and that pretty much shuts everything down.  So as the storm enveloped the setting sun, we lit candles and hoped it would be back on soon. We waited until 7:30P.M. and the power still hadn't come on.  I called the Co-op and they said the workmen were having to dry out 10 miles worth of line to find the problem... So finally after five hours with no electricity, we gave up and came to town.

The candle light gave an enchanting glow to the Aluminum Christmas tree, had it not been an inconvenience it would have been pretty neat.

Haha Oh well, these thing happen and the power was back on by Sunday!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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