Friday, April 25, 2014

Oxi-dental Laundry...

I am not sure where this dirty little spring table cloth came from, I only know its been around for YEARS! At one point it was in my dads rag barrel, another time it was thrown over a sewing machine to keep dust off in the barn. Somewhere along the way I rescued it and took it to the lake. However we've never used it because it was so dirty looking...
At the advice and guidance of Hannah & Erica I picked up a can of Oxiclean and let the tablecloth soak for about a week. Thanks Sisters! It definitely helped with the over all grunge, but there were a few tough stains that just wouldn't come out.
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(Although, these spots are a LOT lighter than they were!)
One draw back to this project, and I'm not sure if the cloth was just rotted or I mixed the solution to intensely. A few holes popped up between washes.
And as I said, not sure if the cloth was rotten but this big hole appeared and only got bigger with the second trip through the washer.
I will have to try and patch the holes before the next washing. Any more advice Sisters?! Over all I am pleased with how it cleaned up (holes and all) at least now we can use it with out it looking disgusting!

And I bet we'll be using it soon!



Paulette said...

I have soaked items and experienced the same problem, a cleaner item but with holes in my fabric. That little tablecloth sure has been used for many different things, and now will be perfect for your parties at the lake.

ThrifterSisters said...

I haven't ever had holes pop up (luckily!) so I'm not sure what advice to give ya there. But it still looks lovely! Did you hang it outside to dry? That tends to brighten them even more. That tablecloth is so pretty and sounds like it's been through the ringer (HA!)

Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

It looks great! That oxiclean stuff is like magic. Those two crazy sisters are pretty dang clever. : )
It could turn into a neat collage cloth. Maybe stitch a few doilies over the holes. Or some polka dotted or gingham fabric. Ooooorrr you could cut it up and put the good pieces in embroidery hoops and have some purty wall art.
Sometimes it's good to have a non pristine one. Opens up your options.

Jim said...

Hey Mick, a couple of your McCoy planters will do the trick to hide those holes!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Mick, iron-on patches come in colors, and as artistic as you are, you could cut re-create the design where the holes are, filling in with pinks and greens and white.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I love your table cloth! You worked so hard on it. I think everyone had such great suggestions too! Maybe patch up the holes with cute fabric?? But I find that a few holes are no big deal. It's vintage after all.
Erica :)

Melissa said...

Just found your blog by visiting Hannah & Erica's blog...

I buy a LOT of vintage linens... and the thing I have learned through the trials and errors... is don't put them through the washing machine. That's how all my holes pop up.

I let mine soak in the oxiclean and water overnight, rinse, and will hang outside (if I can) or put in the dryer.

On those super tough little stains - try using a bleach pen so you can control where the bleach goes - and then rinse/dry again.

I've also learned to not let a lot of linen's soak together because some of the colors on those old linens bleed very badly!

Hope some of this advice helps! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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