Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thanksmass Part II

Hello everyone! I'm back, still sore from the car crash but hopefully getting better all the time!

Now Dear Readers, you might be wondering "Thanksmass, Part II"?! Well Yes! Since the Casablanca Club keeps growing our membership has now reached 112 members! (Gosh I can remember when there were only eight members and I had three blog followers too!) Since there are so many of us we had to split the event into two groups just so everyone could fit!
(See what I mean?!)

More than 52 friends turned out for the event (I stopped counting after 52!) It was a cozy gathering to say the least, but everyone fit in the house! I was so glad that bad weather didn't put a damper on this party and that everyone could see our vintage Christmas decorations.
(Our tree set up in celebration of friend Andrew.)
Most brought ornaments for the tree that symbolized something about him.
Some friends came early to help finish decorating and get things ready for the party!
(Friend Austin helping me put up lights.)
(Friend Alex helped put together these hors d'oeuvres!)
("Merry Thanksmass ya filthy animal!"- says friend Wes)
(Friends Brett and Lydia (on the far left)
Drove all the way from Colorado to be with us!
Soon all the guests had arrived and were merrily feasting. There was plenty of Pyrex, a tasty fruit punch in a cut glass bowl, and lots holiday treats!
Once most had a plate full we gathered in the living room, den, and kitchen for the entertainment portion of the evening...
First Terrace started us off with a Casablanca tradition...

Jennifer strummed us away to warmer weather on her ukulele...

Eric brought the party right back to scenic Lake Diversion on his guitar...

Master of Ceremonies Seigen spread the news that Santa was on his way...

Then Terrace and Jacob reminded us its cold outside...

The kitchen has never seen so much song and dance before, it could barely contain the talent! What wonderful friends we have, thank you all for preforming. It was great!

Next up on the evenings program was the great white elephant gift exchange!
Round and round the gifts went, 33 players in all. So many interesting presents and lots of stealing in the game, but all was in good fun! After the last of the presents had been unwrapped it was finally time for my FAVORITE part of the evening, the carols.

We packed into the living room and friend Joy helmed the piano, while I broke out the song books.

I just love it when we all come together (most of us being theatre or musically trained) and our voices blend. The sound fills the house with love, our joyous voices radiate through the walls out into the lake bay and carry for miles across the lake. As one friend said "The sound, it's almost like stumbling across a small country church in the midst of Christmas service, finding your way home with an absolute comforting feel of  calm."

But not all of our songs are church like and solemn!

It has been quite a year for all of us, high times and low, good times and bad. The wonderful thing about the members and friends of the Casablanca is that we are a family. We can count on one another and truly care for each other. As we enter the new year 2014 (1960) I am thankful of the many blessings and friendships bestowed upon our little house on a hill. I hope that each one of you reading have enjoyed the times we have presented to you and that you will continue to keep coming back to "Mick's" for the latest!

 Wishing you a happy New Year!


As an added bonus to our Thanksmass fun, we'd like to leave you with our Casablanca Christmas card. "Christmas Don't be Late"
 (Apologizes for the film quality!)
Patricia as- Dave
Alex as- Simon
Austin as- Theodore
Mick as- Alvin
Corabelle as- Corabelle
 Directed by Cindy G.
Special effects Matt P.


Mr. Tiny said...

Glad to hear that you're on the mend! As usual, it looks like a very Merry Christmas was had by all. I'm not sure that I even know 52 people; how great to have such a packed house! I hope the new year brings even more fun and friends to the Casablanca!

Jim said...

WOW! Two parties needed to accommodate everyone! Looks like a great time was had by all Mick. You are correct in saying it is like 'family' are very fortunate in having I am sure you know.
Good to hear you are getting back to normal.....give it time.
happy New Year to all at Casablanca.

ThrifterSisters said...

Looks like a fun party as usual! So sorry we had to miss another one :-) Next October, Hanna & I will be in Dallas for a wedding. Wonder how difficult it would be for us to get together?

Have a wonderful new year, Mick!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Looks like another great celebration. I'm glad you're feeling better every day.

Melissa said...

Dang, you guys know how to throw a bitching party! Glad you're starting to feel better!