Monday, January 21, 2013

Patricia's Late Christmas Surprise!

I tortured Patricia for a month on what her "special Christmas present" was, It just about drove her crazy Readers! 
Before our tale unfolds here on today's post, I should back up and tell you all about the monster I created...
(The Monster!)
Late last September, while at the Casablanca one weekend I discovered that Patricia had NEVER seen "West Side Story" so I forced her to sit down and watch it. She was so taken by the beautiful music and tragic story of the movie when it was over all she could bring herself to say was "Again." So we watched it a second time.... fast forward a few months and Patricia is now obsessed with "West Side Story"! We have both the Original Broadway Cast, as well as the 1961 Movie Soundtrack records, she has a CD and lyric book of the 1961 movie, and listens and quotes it regularly. (I have even taught the dog to answer me when I whistle the 'Jets Theme'.) So imagine the luck I had when I found out that the National Tour of "West Side" was coming to Fort Worth!
(Was there any doubt that we were going?)
When I finally told Patricia what her surprise was, I let her pick the seats and order the tickets for the performance and she picked EXCELLENT SEATS!
I know it looks far away, but it really wasn't! We sat in the lower gallery and had a wonderfully unobstructed view.

(The opening backdrop of New York's Lower West Side)
As most of you already know, "West Side Story" is a modern retelling of "Romeo and Juliet", the Lyrics to the show were penned by Stephen Sondheim in 1957, and SHOCKINGLY enough this show lost the 1958 Tony Award to Meridith Wilson's "The Music Man".

It was beautiful, it was lively, it was rude, it was soft, it was CRUDE I could rave on and on about what I loved about seeing this show live, but I'm afraid we don't have the time! I picked up so many ideas for our upcoming production of Grease. The important thing is that Patricia loved every single second of it.
(A very, very happy Patricia!)
It was really a treat, and well worth the wait! I cannot wait to go back and see something else we love! Bass Hall was so elegant of a setting as well!
(The dome ceiling of Bass Hall.)
(Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth TX.)



Dana@Mid2Mod said...

How exciting! Isn't the Bass Hall wonderful? I love West Side Story too. I bet I've watched the movie a million times over the years.

Treasure Hunter said...

I love West Side Story. I once was lucky enough to be in the pit orchestra in a production of it! One of my favorite musicals of all time.