Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day and Missouri Weekend!

(Missouri Michael, Zack, Jarrod, & Patricia)
Well Readers, school it out and Summer has begun! Bright and early Saturday morning Patricia and I along with friends Jarrod and Zack headed off to the wonderful state of Missouri to attempt a second retrieval of the French Doors!
We spent Friday night at friend Zack's house and left out at 4:00A.M. (to get there around 10:30) on Saturday morning, its a six hour drive from where we live to where Michael is in Missouri and we wanted as much quality friendship/ thrifting time as possible!
(Ah the Cul-de-sac Shack, how we've missed it!)
No sooner had we arrived at Michael's we piled into his trusty Buick and thrifting we a went!
(When I say "Piled"...)
We hit up the town of Carthage first, each of us finding a few treasures....
I picked up this set of Tupperware tumblers with carrier and matching coasters for $20.00. I wanted the carrier to put my Libby "Carousel" glasses in.
I also picked up yet another Atom Pop popcorn maker, this makes three! We use them like crazy at the Casablanca for making popcorn for the Drive-In.
Next we went to the Square to look at a few more antique stores. I love it there, in the middle of the square is this beautiful old pre-Civil War Court House, that while being constructed the "lawn" was planted with turnips so the people would have a food supply!
(Grand isn't it?!)
(Patricia in her wonderfully vintage Outfit.)
(Jarrod, Myself and Pat!)
(Never a dull moment!)
After hitting a few store son the Carthage square, Michael took us to a place called "Whistlers" for a quick lunch.
 (Since 1953!)
The inside is tiny, and you have to take your food outside to eat it, but boy was it good food!
(Mmmmmmm...So good!)
(Mike, Zack, Jarrod & Pat enjoying their Whistler Burgers.)
After lunch we loaded back up into the Buick and headed over to Pittsburgh KS for some more thrifting.
  (Me, Michael, & Pat in a fun house mirror.)
After a few more hours of hitting thrifts, we headed out to Chicken Annie's for dinner, and then back to town to see the Drive-In Double feature of "The Avengers & Battleship".
(The Barco Drive-In Theater)
We spent the rest of the evening in the laying in the truck bed and watching super heroes and aliens flicker across the screen. The weather was nice and cool, and all in all we had had a great day!
(Me, Pat & Jarrod)
I'd like to once again thank Missouri Michael for letting us come  visit, and for hauling us all across southern Missouri. We had a blast!

Tune in Thursday for Part Two of "The French Door Saga"!



Vintage Christine said...

You are so lucky to have such great friends who love to thrifty shop! I have a ton of those Libbey carousel glasses and love them since I remember my parents serving Tom Collins in them. All in all sounds (and looks) like you had a fabulous time!!!!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Sounds like you guys had another great time in Missouri. I can't wait to hear about the French doors.

SixBalloons said...

Beautiful popcorn maker!

Missouri Michael said...

I love my "this is all the smile you're going to get take the darn picture already" look in that picture from lunch...

Missouri Michael said...

No photos of that thrift store where we started the day?

Jim said...

I now LOVE Libby Carousel glasses and you can bet I will have an out for them!
I am sure you realize how fortunate you are to have the friends you do...and the freedom to do what you do.