Monday, November 14, 2011

Ring My Bell

(This is the style button I would like)
Well Readers, with Christmas fast approching i've started to think about what I'd like. Now I know were not past Thanksgiving yet, but my Dad and I have this special thing we do. We like giving eachother unusal gifts, not unusual as in unusual but things most people wouldnt think of as gifts. This year I think i've decied on a doorbell for the Casablanca.

Now I know nothing says "Come on in, Sit right down, and Make yourself at home" like a nebihorly knock on the screen door. But when your sleeping in the bedroom with both doors shut you may never hear the knock.  Also I feel its my duty to the house, as I have put in a telephone line, and three major appliances a door bell would be the epomite of domecsticiy for the place!

My question is, since we will be installing everything including the "Bell" which should I get?!

(None of the sounds clips I found we're just right, but heres the idea)

Im fond of a door "Buzzer" as its what they had on "I Love Lucy" and has made many an appearance in American movie history.
Im also fond of a simple door "Chime" that ushered in an era of Suburban bliss and June Cleaver hospitality.
Have any of you out there purchased, installed, or repaired a vintage door bell? What did you like? The Casablanca was built in 1943 so i'd like to keep it period.

Chime In! Let me hear your thoughts and comments, any and all are appreciated!



Curtains In My Tree said...

well hun

in 1943 I think people just knocked on the door out in the country.(wasn't born yet) thank God
I'm old enough LOL

as a child living in the country we never had a door bell

Missouri Michael said...

Personally, I prefer the two chime door bell. That's what I have here at the Shack, and I am fairly certain that it is original to the house. It is even wired to use two buttons. If you push the button for the front door, it chimes two notes, but if you push the button in the garage it chimes one note. Maybe you could get one that does that, and install a button at both your front and back doors.